Man-DIE (flirtatiouspris) wrote in ani_icon_chall,

Finally Voting # 30!

I was about to close this community when I saw that I had left a competition open. So I will close it before I close the community unless anybody wants to still enter. I know there are some much more active disney icon contest running right now so that's why I think I will just close this.

Voting for Challenge 30 is now open.

Vote for your top three choices

First place - 3 points
Second Place - 2 points
Third Place - 1 points

1.    2.    3.    4.
5.    6.    7.    8.

Remember, anyone can vote even if they're not part of the community as long as it's not anonymous.

Voting ends Tuesday, November 6th @ 11:00p.m. PST
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