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Welcome to Ani_Icon_Chall! The icon challenge community dedicated to all works of animation. Not just Disney animation but all different kinds of animation.

Moderator: flirtatiouspris

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1.Your submitted icons must not be used or seen until after the voting it complete, meaning no posting it somewhere else until after the winners have been annouced.
2.No voting for youself.
3.No anonymous voting.
4.All icons must be Livejournal compatable, i.e. they must be the right size, 100x100 or smaller, no more than 40kb, etc.
5.Icons can be animated when stated in challenge rules.
6.Each challenge will have a different set of rules, so read carefully.
7.All kinds of animation are game unless otherwise stated.
8.You must be a member in order to participate in the challenges but anybody can vote.

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Please submit your icons to the appropriate thread. All icons posted elsewhere will be deleted and not entered.

For submitting:
Use the following format
(Icon URL)

For example:
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A new challenge will be up every Saturday. The challenge will close on Wednesday and voting will commence until Friday when a winner will be chosen on Saturday along with a new challenge.

If enough entries are submitted then there will be a first, second, third and a mod's choice.

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If you want to pimp the community, I just made two 50x100 banners. All you have to do is copy the text in the box and then upload the picture to your photohosting account and replace Your URL Here with your link.